Boom Box and Paper

Hear all about it.....

Local news for the visually impaired
across southern Buckinghamshire
delivered free on a memory stick

South Bucks Talking News


How would you find out what’s going on in your area if you were unable to read a newspaper? TV and national radio cover too wide an area and even local radio might mention your locality only occasionally. You would have to rely on relatives, friends and neighbours unless you were receiving Talking News.


South Bucks Talking News (SBTN) is a free service for people who are blind, visually impaired, or have other reading disabilities which make it difficult to keep up to date with what is going on in the southern part of Bucks.


The Talking Newspaper is issued weekly and is based largely on an edited version of the Bucks Free Press. It is recorded on Fridays, the day that the paper is published, copied onto memory sticks and posted on Saturday by the Royal Mail "Articles for the Blind" scheme, being normally delivered on the following Monday or Tuesday. The latest edition is also available on this website on the same Saturday.